Private Vault

Have you ever lent your iPhone or Android phone to someone and hoped that they don't look through your image gallery? Maybe they will find pictures sent from your significant other. Or how about those pictures of you flexing or posing in front of the mirror? What’s worse, keeping your nude selfies in your phone's camera album is an awkward moment waiting to happen. The last thing you want is to be showing friends and family your vacation photos and then accidentally give them an embarrassing glimpse of your naked mirror selfie.

To make sure these pics don't haunt you, the rule of thumb is to delete them in time. But if you want to hold onto the photos which have great significance to you, the best way is to hide pictures in a picture vault with a strong password by using a hidden pictures app. CoverMe integrate a password-protected picture vault to hide photos on iPhone and Android phones. It allows you to hide pictures safely in the picture vault behind a dot-lock. You can sort out your private photos by creating several albums in the secure va3ult. You can also import your private videos into the vault. What’s more, featuring end-to-end encryption, CoverMe allows private sharing. When you’d like to share your personal photos or videos to your family members or close friends, the private photos and private videos you are sharing to your close ones will be delivered through encrypted network and no third one will have access to it.

In the private vault of CoverMe, you can not only hide pictures and videos, but also any kind of files, such as notes, audio, word, excel, pdf documents and so on. It is one of the best place to store essential business or personal files and keep them from being deleted by accident. Your important files will be secured with strong passwords. Even if others get your phone, they will not be able to enter the vault and spy your privacy.

CoverMe vault is also a secret place to manage your passwords. Most people have passwords for emails, bank accounts, online shopping, websites, apps…and many have more than one email account, bank account, website account… Complicated passwords make it a great challenge to keep them in mind but reusing the same password for all your accounts carries great risks. Even if one of your accounts is hacked, then criminals can get access to all your important accounts, including bank accounts! If someone gets your email account and password, he can use the password reset links on websites or apps to gain control of your other accounts. CoverMe password manager helps you to keep passwords safe. Note down different passwords according to categories: ID Cards, Wallet, Web Sites, Accounts, Email, Others. In ID cards, you can store information like driver’s license, passport and membership cards. In Wallet, you can save your credit card, debit card, bank account and Paypal information. The passwords will be completely secure with strong protection of dot-lock and impermeable encryption.