How CoverMe Protects Your Privacy?

  • Private
    Private Phone Number

    Disposable phone numbers for text messages and calls for your different businesses and social life.

  • Message
    Disappearing Messages

    Messages can be set to self -destruct as soon as you want. No one can snoop your conversation.

  • Secure
    Secure Vault

    A safe vault to lock your private photos, videos, passwords, notes and documents with cloud backup.

Why Should You choose CoverMe?

  • Trusted by Millions

    Make international calls and send texts to any phone numbers worldwide with the lowest cost

  • Private Text & Call

    Let you send messages and make calls without giving out your real phone number.No records on phone bill.

  • Privacy Protection

    Protect your private conversations during texting and calling with military-grade encryption

  • Keep your privacy safe

    Very convenient and really protected from prying eyes. A hidden application for correspondence, exchange of media, IP calls and private numbers.

  • Encrypt your messages

    This allows me to let someone use the phone for a call or Internet without worrying that they can read all of my texts. I'm not doing anything nefarious. I just want an extra lock on my texts.

  • Balance your work and life

    I'm a business man, sometime I just want to separate my work and my life. Having several lines available really makes it easy for a businessman who have to travel a lot.

    Rebecca Cabena
  • Secure vault to store private pictures

    The secure vault is really good.I stored the most privite numbers and I don't have to worry about losing them.

    Kai Houg
  • Fast switch between lines

    I have three lines for personal, business, and junk. If I start getting too many junk calls, I can delete that number and get a new one. It is easy to see which line is receiving a call.

    Jon Davi


The Ultimate Privacy Guard for You