Private Phone Number

Mobile number privacy has become increasingly important as smartphones and the systems they interact with, such as mobile apps, have proliferated. Cellphone numbers are increasingly being used as unique identifiers, connecting user data across multiple databases, which also contain other user data. People's cellphone numbers are used similarly to social security numbers but are not subject to the same legal requirements for privacy.

The use of a temporary phone number is one way to keep your privacy, crucial to hide your personal number while you communicate with strangers and protect your primary phone number from unwanted access. If you ever feel wary about handing out your real number for a short-term contact, CoverMe, providing private phone numbers, is the perfect place to go.

You can use a CoverMe temporary phone number for situations in which you don’t want to give out your permanent numbers. A temporary phone number can be thought of as a digital version of the burner phone; the service is sometimes referred to as a burner phone account. What’s more, private calls and texts through a CoverMe private phone number will not appear on your phone bill. You will never need to worry about phone bill being checked.

CoverMe provides private phone numbers of the United States and Canada. The numbers can be used to call and text numbers of the US, Canada and China, and can receive calls and texts from anyone who doesn’t have CoverMe app. There are various vanity phone numbers, perfect for business, since the second phone number will be an identifier, it will make your business more professional and reliable. Besides, managing all your business communication on a separate line makes everything easier.

How can a private phone number from CoverMe helps you? Business, dating, job-hunting, short-term projects, social media… The possibilities are infinite.
If someone is monitoring your calls & texts and checking your phone bill, (like an abusive parent or suspect spouse), you can reach out a temporary phone number for help, using a second phone number they don’t have access to.
If you are selling on Craigslist or renting on Airbnb, a temporary phone number allows you to stop service to a phone number once the item that was advertised has been purchased.
If you’re buying something on Craigslist, or placing an ad anywhere, a disposable phone number means you don’t have to deal with calls once your business is done.
Online dating is more popular than ever, but it does carry certain risks, particularly for women. Using a burner phone number provides a valuable extra layer of privacy.
If you’re moving to a different area, or even a different country, you might want to pick up a local number before you move.