What can I do with CoverMe phone number?

Compared with ordinary phone number, CoverMe phone number offers phone numbers for a large selection of countries and cities. If you don’t know which country you should choose, CoverMe will randomly assigns a number for you. You can always burn CoverMe phone number each time you don’t need it and then get another new one. A CoverMe phone number can be used to:
√ Encrypt your private conversations and privacy during texting and calling
√ Protect your real phone number for privacy.
√ Balance your work and life by separating 2nd phone line
√ New alternate phone number for business call & text
√ Buying and selling on Amazon, Ebay and other ecommerce sites
√ Store personal private files on the vault (personal space )
√ Disposable burner phone numbers for dating networks
√ Registration on websites and social medias

Whether you want a 2nd phone number dedicated to business or life, just get a CoverMe phone number.