What is CoverMe phone number?

A CoverMe phone number is a disposable phone number you can purchase on CoverMe app. Up to now, you can get phone numbers from countries including US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Poland, Austria, and Sweden (keep increasing). Users are allowed to either select a country on their own or get a number randomly assigned by CoverMe.

Almost the same with ordinary smartphone number, CoverMe phone numbers can be used just like a normal phone number. The only difference between CoverMe phone number and ordinary phone number lie in SIM card absence and high security.

A CoverMe phone number can be used in the following circumstances:
√ Make secure phone calls using encrypted VoIP
√ Send securely encrypted SMS
√ Message and broadcast to private groups
√ Safely share photos& videos with circles of friends
√ Keep contacts, messages, call logs, photos & videos in a secure personal vault
√ Help prevent re-distribution with automated message self-destruct
√ Recall messages after they have been sent
√ Embed timed self-destruction into messages
√ Utilize a decoy password to keep your secrets even safer!

The essential advantage of CoverMe phone numbers lies in its security. All calls and messages go through an encrypted tunnel so that all the communication content won’t be snooped by prying eyes. In addition, self-destruct feature can be set to messaging so that all the messages won’t be stored on any server.