What is CoverMe?

CoverMe is a mobile application for iPhone and Android that offers military-grade encryption protection for your calls, messaging and all your personal and private information such as photos, videos, call logs and contacts.

For your personal data, CoverMe completely protects the information in your phone from unauthorized access by placing it in an encrypted Personal Vault which only you can access with your password.

Make secure phone calls and share with close friends via fully encrypted VoIP calls and messaging. CoverMe also offers some unique messaging features to allow you to control the messages you send even after they have been delivered with remote deletion and message recall functions. You can even put a self-destruct mechanism into a message to prevent it being passed around.

CoverMe uses Internet connections to send SMS and transmit voice calls. With access to a Wi-Fi area you can make free calls and send free SMS!

CoverMe is a free downloadable mobile application. If you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, please download CoverMe from the App Store. If you are using an Android phone, please download CoverMe from the Android Marketplace (Google Play).