What is self-destructing message?

Maybe one scene in a Disney movie The Incredibles best explains this term. As Mirage ends up transmitting her message to Mr. Incredible through a tablet, the tablet explodes as message self-destruction.

Similarly, as a message ends up being read, it will be automatically gone. That’s CoverMe can do. You can use CoverMe to send self-destructing message which will automatically self-destruct after the recipient has read the message or as long as you want. The effect is to completely wipe the message remotely and automatically – at the time you decide.
This helps to prevent personal or private messages being propagated without your knowledge. It also allows you to deliver a time-sensitive message with an expiry that results in a self-destruct process.

Please be warned: There is no guarantee that self-destructing messages will be destroyed exactly at the specific time. However, you can always check the message status to see whether a message has been destroyed on the recipient side.
Also Note: CoverMe cannot prevent the user on the other side from taking screenshot of a message, taking a photo or scanning their screen before it goes self-destructed.